7152QCA — Week 1

What is a good design or a designer?

So I try to find a balance between design and people: Is it designed to serve people’s lifestyle, or does people’s lifestyle change with design?

In my daily life, I like reading art and design books, as well as fine art creation. The content of the books and the process of fine art creation often inspired me to have many good design ideas.

10/2020–02/2021, Human Culture Experiment, Project1–4, Guannian Pu, China

Through the course of visual communication, I hope I can find a balance between people and design. And find more ways to integrate my art creation and my view of the world into my design.

Here is a link to Bēhance to represent my undergraduate project: https://www.behance.net/guannianpud1c3

Reflection on my week one tutorial:

For the software skill, as an interior designer and graphic designer, I have proficient operating experience for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and interior design software (such as Revit, CAD). Also, when I use MF teams on this crouse, I realized that there have many classmates are animation designer, that I think I might learn 3Dmax, it also helps me to represent my design as well.

According to the 7152QCA crouse content which is made by Rea. The main topic for Assessment 1 is Zine design. From now, I have no idea of my Zine design, but I will complete this project as soon as possible.

Last, I wish everyone has a wonderful star on this crouse!




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Guannian Pu

12/12/1995 |interior design|graphic design|visual artist |social phobia|mental health issues |China\Australia